Just touched down in London town

Just back from the Global Art Teachers Exchange at the American School in London. Highlights included…

Seeing my first Banksy! This installation is up for only two weeks in East Croydon. #GrossDomesticProduct bringing people together from all over.



Seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! A two-night affair, it was theatrical and intense and cool to be around that many Potterheads.

A photo hunt through Piccadilly Circus and Soho. This is what happens when you let art teachers out of the studio 🙂

My first visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Always wanted to go, amazed to find it was free!

Hands-on workshops – one on soft sculpture, another on printmaking on clay. Met a lot of cool art teachers from 24 different countries! The farthest anyone travelled was from Nairobi.

Lastly, I had dinner with a student from my time in Seoul (he’s now 24!). He now attends Central Saint Martins and it’s wonderful to see him doing so well. Good times!

Next up in this crazy month of travel – I’m off to Prague for our MS girls tennis tournament! Go Penguins!


Begin again


Welcome friends. Thank you for joining me once again as I head off on a new adventure ~ this time to Moscow, Russia, where I’ll be teaching Grades 6&7 Art at an international school. As I get ready to head out, much is unknown but excitement abounds. I push forward with fresh eyes and an open mind.

As I did in Seoul, this blog will record my initial impressions of my new home and my travels beyond. I would love to have you along for the journey. Feel free to subscribe to my blog using the Widgets drop down at the top right of my homepage. Click on the WordPress “follow” button and you will receive an email each time I post a new entry. Sit back and enjoy the ride! I’ll see you on the flip side.