Step into the matrix

The skies over Moscow have been particularly beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Edinburgh.

At the end of my second week here in Moscow, I’m starting to get a feel for my day-to-day life. Tuesday the kids arrive and that is when the rubber really hits the road. My classroom is nearly ready and I’ve finally stopped getting lost when walking around my school. Starting to get my bearings. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed so far…

10 cool things about life here in Moscow:

  • My school has a forest. That basically makes me Hermione. Or is my school Durmstrang?
  • I have an assistant, which is totally insane. I share him with two other art teachers and he is pretty awesome. His name is Tamil and he’s originally from India. He’s fluent in Russian so it makes getting things done 100% faster at school.
  • I do not have to take out the trash. There is a trash shoot in my hallway.
  • Having a gym and pool at my school is THE BEST. I cannot say how great it is to blow off seam after school. A 5 minute walk from my classroom and I’m there. I look forward to it all day. Soon the school Wellness program will start – yoga, spinning, pilates. Really looking forward to it.
  • They park on the sidewalk here. It makes the Boston in me proud.
  • The Lada! These Old Soviet cars are everywhere and they are the cutest!
Small but mighty and oh so chic!
  • Hearing Cher and Air Supply on the radio. They are serious about the 80s here. Also Big Willy Style was playing at IKEA last weekend. Yikes.
  • They have special stairs for strollers to get to the metro. Brilliant!


  • Scooters are cool again! Adults and kids alike scoot all over the place.
  • The Everything Store next door sells hover boards.
I can’t see a hoverboard and not think of The Biebs…

The not-so-cool things (it can’t be all puppies and rainbows, after all…):

  • International teaching can be a little like freshman year of college, bringing out different sides of people. Takes a while to weed through the fray 🙂
  • Beggars at the train station, startling me during my meal – they come right up beside you at the outdoor cafes and ask for money
My favorite dinner spot – Centrale – serves surprisingly good pizza alongside excellent people watching.

I learn a little more about this corner of the world each day. There’s so much to see and I’m really enjoying the vibe. I’m surprised by the safety I’ve found here and how truly European this city seems to be. Looking forward to getting out and exploring this weekend with some new friends. More to come…